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What is the Changing Fertility program?

For the next twelve weeks you will be getting an email from me that will include ALL you need to know to conceive a health, happy baby. This program has this best fertility boosting information that will get you on the right path. No more hours on the computer reading conflicting information. What I'm providing you with is research backed, so no more off the wall random information making you question, "Are they serious?"

With this program you will get:

  • 12 weekly modules covering the best information
  • 12 videos of me explaining and breaking down the information
  • Email Support


  • 30 Days of Scripture verses speaking on infertility struggles

I tell all my clients the 1st month is the worst month. We will be covering a lot of food in the beginning, because let's be real our food is out of control. Even the healthiest of eaters are consuming foods that are working against fertility. Don't panic I have the best information to make the transformation easier for you! Stress is a huge key to infertility. I'm here to take that stress off your shoulders and help you before you try to conceive. It will make that pregnancy a breeze and help get those late night cravings under control. 

Besides working on food, you will get information on how to make your body into a baby making machine, and how to remove and replace items in your home that are affecting your fertility and upping your chances of a miscarriage. SAY WHAT... Items in your very own home that are working against you! We will be covering all this in these modules, so you can make those decisions on what's to go and what's to stay. 

The most important piece to this program is you will have a new relationship with your spouse when this program is over. We all feel something different when going through infertility. A women feels broken, emotionally shattered, and almost ridiculed by other women making conception look like a breeze. A man always tries to help his wife by fixing any issue that arises. He however can't fix infertility and this alone can crush him.

Stop struggling alone!  

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Changing Fertility Program

Basic Program

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

The basic program gives you all the best fertility information possible. Twelve modules and accompanying videos will be emailed weekly. If you want to use the supplements I recommend that will come at an additional cost. Your freebie will come in the 1st email!


Changing Fertility - Premium

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

The premium program gives you all the basic program information and a freebie, but you get TWO hormone tests that will help you find out what is really going on with your hormones. If there is any hormone related issues this test will find them. Remember both partners have to have strong hormones to conceive a child. 


Is this all on my own?

You will be primarily on your own for this program. You get email support, so if you have any questions you will have limited access to me. If you feel you need more 1 on 1 coaching, then know I do work virtually!

What if I have questions?

You will get full access to me though email support. If you feel you need to physically talk with me, then you will be billed for a session. Sessions run $55 for 30 minutes.

Will this program guarentee a baby?

While I would love to guarantee a baby for each and every couple, I can not. I do however believe in the one who can!

How do the Hormone Tests work?

Hormone Saliva Tests will be mailed out to you. There will be 4 vials to fill with your saliva and you will be in charge of mailing them to the lab. I will walk you though the process and call when your results come in. Simple right!

What do I get for the freebie?

Currently you will receive a PDF of 30 days of prayer. Each day read the verse together or separately to use this verse to get you through the day. Repeat the PDF each month or find the verses that spoke the most to you and repeat those!

Do we get the program in one e-mail?

I know you are excited and you want all the information NOW, but to make sure you don't stress yourself I will send one week at a time.

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