It should never be this hard. We were created by God to create children, right? That is our blessing from Him. Why does it feel like you are the only one who is waiting?

* 1 in 8 women suffer with infertility *

* 1 in 4 will deal with losing a child *

Don't let those statistics scare you! This shows you that you are not really alone. Infertility is a lonely journey. You see those pregnant bellies, getting invites to baby showers, and seeing those birth announcements. You aren't the only one getting crushed.

Come and see what I have to offer you! It's time to change fertility and how couples go through infertility. To get started click the forms button below and fill them out. Send back to me when they are completed and I'll be in contact. 

Why Fertility Coaching?

Don't wait another month!

One month - Negative

Two months - Negative

Three months - Negative

You get the picture, because you are living it. You are living one month at a time. Each month you are waiting for that second line to show, but it's just not there. How many months are you going to put yourself through that emotionally draining cycle? A doctor will not diagnose you as infertile until twelve months of trying. That is TWELVE very long, crushing negative months. 

I'll start working with you as soon as you and your spouse know you are wanting to add that little bundle into your family. You don't have to wait! You have a choice to do something before the doctors begin. Are you aware that working with a natural fertility specialist can save you in the long run? I can save...

  • YOU Time - You are more likely to conceive on your own within that 1st year.
  • YOUR Relationship - Going through infertility can wear on a relationship to the point of separation or divorce.
  • YOUR Health - Once we get your body in perfect health, you will have that energy to chase those cute little feet around.
  • YOUR Emotional Sanity - Finding that deeper connection spiritually through this struggle will help you feel like you have a solid foundation to stand on. No more worry, doubt, fear, or anxiety can weigh you down anymore. 

Last, but definitely not least.....

  • YOUR Finances - Fertility treatments can be very draining on your bank account, especially with most insurance companies not offering infertility coverage. Start here to save yourself in the long run!

During the 12 week program you will get one on one help with your specific fertility journey. I will tailor a program that will fit your personal fertility health profile. If you have PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, or any other endocrine affecting diagnosis, then you don't have to worry any longer. I will take the guess work and the worry off your shoulders. 

My mission as a natural fertility coach is to bring you peace and provide you with the best information concerning your fertility. I aim to make a solid foundation in faith and in the relationship of the couple involved. I want every couple to feel they are heard and understood through this whole process. 

Infertility can destroy even the best marriages. Get your marital foundation strong!
Infertility can destroy even the best marriages. Get your marital foundation strong!

Now offering Hormone Testing


Stop The Guessing!

You all know hormones are key to conception, but are you aware the both men and women need to have their hormones checked! Men's hormones are just as important as the women's. Your likelihood of conception will rise when both of the couple's hormones are working properly. Take the guess work out and get a hormone test today!

Mitch and Lisa said...

Working with Jamie was like a breath of fresh air. Her program is organized and strategically put together to keep you accountable and see results within the first couple of weeks. With Jamie’s knowledge and positive encouragement she gave us hope in our journey with infertility. Her added humor during our sessions turned potentially uncomfortable topics into pleasant conversations.  Jamie’s approach to making this program a team effort by both husband and wife has blessed our marriage. We praise God for introducing us to Jamie and allowing her to be part of our journey.


Will I get pregnant?

I would love to guarantee a baby to each and every couple, but I don't have that power. I do however, believe in the one who does. 

How long after can we try to conceive?

I never want to prevent a baby during the twelve weeks. I do believe your future baby would benefit from the whole twelve weeks being finished before conception. 

What if I have questions in between appointments?

You will have access to me during business hours to phone and ask questions. After hours you can reach me by text or email. 

What if my spouse can't come?

I do believe in both working the full program, while I do understand that one may not be able to participate every week. I will check in and make sure they are following along and have no questions. 

Can I afford it?

If you plan to have a baby, then you bet you can afford me! I do offer payment plans to help spread the fees out. You get to pick the plan that works best for your budget. You will also know of any additional costs before hand. No surprise fees!

What if I'm not a Christian?

You do not have to be a Christian to run my program, but just know you will get some faith base pieces thrown in. If you desire to have a child, then you have hope that it will happen. You have to believe in something to have hope. 

Support Group

Who Is Sarah's Laughter?

Sarah's Laughter is a christian non-profit  that offers support to couples struggling through infertility or the loss of a baby. Our group in meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm within my office.

Who can come to meetings?

Any woman struggling with the desire to have a child is welcome! While we do know men struggle as well, this group is more centered to women. For more groups check out sarahs-laugher.com to find a group near you!

Why do I need this group?

Are you struggling with doubt, fear, anxiety, or feeling all alone? Reach out to this group! Everyone who is here knows right where you are and can help you walk this journey together. We are stronger together!

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